A Week in Photos: School Lunch

One of the perks of my job is that I get free breakfast and lunch at the school where I teach. These lunches are usually very tasty – save for a boiled green vegetable that tastes like a mouthful of soap and sour milk combined. American kids wouldn’t touch this food, but of course the Chinese children eat it up! Overall, the food is miles ahead of what I ate in high school. Here is a week of school lunch in photos:


Monday was a soup of tomato and egg (a commonly served dish), boiled chicken/cauliflower/mushrooms, a teriyaki sauce covered drumstick that seems more like duck than chicken but your guess is as good as mine (VERY good), and, as always, rice. Oh, and the disgusting thing in the top corner that is served daily.



Tuesday was a tofu soup, teriyaki type sauce covered pork bits, firm tofu slices with celery, tomatoes and scrambled eggs and rice.



Wednesday’s soup was a clear broth with a boiled pork bone and a vegetable that resembled the taste of an onion with the texture of boiled apples (it was WAY better than it sounds). On the tray is a mix of beef and an unknown vegetable, the gross green stuff, a boiled cabbage/chicken mix and – you guessed it – rice!



The soup on Thursday stumped me, with the only identifiable ingredient being super thin vermicelli noodles. The vegetables seemed to be like cabbage and onions but I could not confirm. It tasted good though! The rest of my lunch was my least favorite of the week, especially the boiled prawns with their beady little black eyes still attached. I’m not a fan of shrimp anyway. The top right food was a mix of green bell pepper and potatoes, bottom left was chicken with the aforementioned onion/apple vegetable and, finally, rice.



Friday’s menu presented a soup of onion, bok choy, cabbage and potato soup with tomato broth. The slices of Chinese cucumber in garlic sauce would have been amazing if they weren’t room temperature leaning towards too warm. The food in the top right I am still perplexed by. It had the texture of a soggy fish stick and was covered in sweet and sour sauce. Bottom left is one of my favorites though, a schnitzel type piece of pork that one dips in the vinegar in the top left. The last thing on the plate…rice!




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